Professional Portfolio of Guillaume Simler

This portfolio should allow you to get an overview of key projects I managed during my career

An unconventional career ...

I nearly always worked at the fringe of corporations. These are the places nobody is proud of. These are the places seasoned employees keep their distance from: the risk/reward ratio is simply too high or the needed compensation frightens the employer.

This leaves a spot for younger candidates, a spot I was glad to take.

... which paid off

I've been de facto working as an inhouse interim manager since my studies at WHU and my master at Audencia. This allowed me to become

  • finance manager at the age of 24
  • managing director at the age of 28

gaining experiences and experience at a very high pace.

The main areas of my projects were

  • finance & controlling
  • management
  • sales
  • innovation management

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Key projects: